About Us

Holly Armstrong

Honors College Graduate, BAE, Special Ed., MEd Gifted Ed., Doctoral Student, Founder and CEO

Holly is earning her Doctor of Philosophy, General Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition and Instruction. She has completed ethical training through Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program. Her personal mission is to help as many students as possible reach their highest potentials.

Meet Our Team

The Governing Board Of Directors

Our Governing Board of Directors have deep expertise and unlimited enthusiasm to support the Academic Solutions USA mission

Ken Maher
CEO & Founder, Point of Contact Foundation
Master of Education School Counseling and Administration. Ken has extensive experience in K-12 Public and Private Schools as a teacher, principal, coach, and counselor. He was employed at two boys' ranches and the North Dakota Youth Correction Center. Ken is currently the Crisis Counselor for 800 students at Bobby Duke Middle School, Coachella, California.  He owned Maher Management Consulting and was part owner of Dakota West Publishing.
Michele Perez

Michele Perez

Master's Degree in General Experimental Psychology, Dual PPS Credential in School Counseling and School Psychology - California State San Bernardino University.  Michele was born and raised in California and has assessed and worked with pre K-12 grade students with the following:  ADD, Autism spectrum disorder, self-regulation disorder, emotional disturbance, and specific learning disabilities. During her free time, Michele enjoys being outdoors to run, take walks, and spend time with her children.

Our Advisory Board

Cindy Armstrong, CFO

Kathy Armstrong, Special Events

Dawne Duncan, Non-profit Development Consultant

Diana Hamby, Fund Raising

Thank you to our grant donors

Anderson Children's Foundation
Berger Foundation
Chase Bank
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