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As a 501(c)(3) we bring free gifted programming to Coachella Valley Schools in California & Verde Valley Schools in Arizona.


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Governing Board

Melissa Mattson, Teacher 

Julie Sandoval, Parent and former teacher

Amy Wener, Medical Associate

Advisory Board

Cindy Armstrong, CPA

Educational Expertise

 The founder and CEO of Academic Solutions USA, Holly Armstrong, an Honors College graduate, holds a Bachelor of Special Education degree and a Master's of Gifted Education degree.  Her Doctor of Philosophy, General Psychology degree is currently in progress.  She has tutored for 20 years, identifying many gifted students, some of whom were Twice-Exceptional, or 2e.  She is qualified and classified to evaluate students for giftedness.  Because gifted funding is minimal, Holly is raising money to provide the educational service project listed below.  


Adolescent Finance Training

 Our intent is to empower students to reach their highest potential by providing free comprehensive, culturally and linguistically appropriate gifted education to schools and school districts. 

Twice Exceptional Classrooms



At-Risk Gifted Students

Thanks to a generous grant from the Anderson Children's Foundation, we are in the development phase of a project to provide appropriate gifted programming to underachieving, at-risk gifted students in the Coachella Valley in California.


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Completed Projects

Irlen Syndrome Screening

In 2017, with the help of the Irlen Syndrome Foundation, we raised money to pay for remediation and voluntarily screened an entire grade level at Coral Mountain Academy in Coachella, identifying Irlen Syndrome in 15% of the students.  This rate is consistent with general population statistics.

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