1. “Training teachers to recognize & educate underserved gifted learners”
2. “Guiding underserved gifted learners in talent development”

Message From Our Founder

While completing my Master's Degree in Gifted Education, I was shocked when I discovered that there is no federal funding and in many states, no state funding for gifted education. I then understood why I had seen so many gifted learners in schools who were unable to achieve their high potentials. Seeing these talented learners sad, frustrated, and sometimes misidentified as troublemakers, inspired me to start this organization.

Holly Armstrong, CEO and Founder, Academic Solutions USA


We empower underserved gifted learners through teacher training and talent development in the students’ fields of interest and giftedness.


Learn about Conner, who first met Holly in second grade and has been working with her for nearly three years. While his school was telling us he needed to be held back a grade for the second time, she worked with him and she and saw that bright boy hiding inside. With her diagnosis of Irlen’s Syndrome and her help, Conner is now a different boy. Holly not only inspires him to do his best and to persist through challenges, she sees his gifted qualities and allows him to flourish.

Education Station

We conducted a case study of an underachieving, unidentified twice-exceptional student who was two years behind his classmates. With Holly's help, he is performing better than many of his classmates and is now attending a college preparatory school.

Education Station

In 2017, with the Irlen Syndrome Foundation as our fiscal sponsor, we raised money to pay for remediation and voluntarily screened an entire grade level at Coral Mountain Academy in Coachella. We diagnosed twenty students (15%) with Irlen Syndrome.  This rate is consistent with general population statistics. Learn how we helped these students.

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