Twice Exceptional

Learn About The Misdiagnosis of Twice Exceptional (2e) Children

Thank you SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) for allowing us to post this informative video.

Twice-Exceptional (2e) Success Story

The first day Eli started working with Holly, she noticed his incredible creativity and brilliance.  Although he was two grade levels behind his classmates, Holly could see his high potential.  For the case study, Holly interviewed two of his current teachers, and all they could see was his high need for stimulation and lack of focus.  When asked if they thought Eli could be gifted in some way, the teachers scoffed.  They said that although he can see the bigger picture, Eli’s divergent thinking is off-topic and in no way could he be gifted.  Holly continued working with Eli, and within two years he surpassed his grade level peers.  That summer, in a robotics camp, Eli had to help his instructor teach the students after programming his own robots within just minutes.  Coding was a breeze for him, so finally, his genius was recognized and nurtured in school.


Learn About Masking

Twice-exceptional, or 2e learners, are subject to a masking effect; that is, their giftedness may be more pronounced than their disabilities, so their teachers do not recognize that these students have a disability. As such, they may be admitted to but fail out of gifted programs. Conversely, these students’ disabilities may mask their giftedness, so they receive special education services, but they never receive educational services for their gifts. Thirdly, the 2e’s diverse exceptionalities can compensate for each other, making them appear average achieving so they don’t receive appropriate services for either exceptionality. These limitations are part of the reason these learners greatly suffer academically, socially, and emotionally.

Famous Twice-Exceptional (2e) People In History