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Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)

Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)

Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)


My student, Conner

My name is Jennifer Brock, my son Conner has been working with Mrs. Armstrong for nearly a year now. We are just wrapping up 3rd grade, which has been an amazing, awesome year thanks to the loving guidance from Mrs. Holly! Our first few years of school have been challenging to say the least, Conner came out of Kindergarten with great remarks praise, he couldn’t read yet but was what we thought well on his way! As we prepared for first grade we had a disheartening experience wen he was not accepted with his entrance test scores to the school of our desires. So, we went with our second choice and worked through first grade with some hurdles, began tutoring and pushing but no one could figure out why Conner wouldn’t read. We, everyone said he was really intelligent but still he would not read…… At the end of that year he did manage to get accepted into the first school but, only if we had him repeat first grade….. So, reset again, working hard, tutoring and many dollars spent but still not really reading… Grades in all subjects were high, all but reading…. On to second grade, first report card brings us two “F’s”…. So more tutoring more trying and testing to find out what is holding him back…. We struggle through second grade with some ups and downs but end the year with those two “F’s” still hanging over our heads, we are advised by that teacher that without serios intervention he really should be held back, again…. At the end of the school year we were blessed to be introduced to a friend’s friend, enter Mrs. Holly! She worked with Conner and she immediately saw that bright boy hiding inside of what is now a child afraid to speak up in class, afraid to show anyone his work for fear of it being, Wrong…. She slowly with her energetic magic gained Conner’s trust and she was able to look beyond the boy who wouldn’t read and see what was holding him back, with her diagnoses of Irlen’s Syndrome and encouraging us to go through the testing to get him his new glasses coated in his “tint” we see a different boy. Third grade has been something of fairytales for our family, we still tutor but this time with Mrs. Holly. Conner is excited and engaged in class, his teacher was prepared at the beginning of the year for a student as the teacher before her had informed her, that was difficult and not participating in class, she has not used a single preparation she had made for Conner to be able to “keep up”. He is holding his own all with his new glasses and Ms. Holly by his side, encouraging and loving him the whole way! Our child who wouldn’t read out loud in front of his own small class, this last winter went out on his own and auditioned, and earned a part in the Christmas Musical for the ENTIRE elementary school! We just completed the 3rd Quarter of third grade with his lowest grade being a B- in reading. We have been blessed again and again by Mrs. Holly Armstrong coming into our lives. She not only inspires our son to do his very best and to

stay with something hard, but she sees his gifted qualities and allow him and teaches him how to really flourish.

Jennifer Brock

Have A Blessed Day!