Success Story Stephanie




Stephanie was in a pull-out special education program, for reading.  One Fall day, during Stephanie’s recess, Holly found her inside, cutting unrecognizable shapes out of construction paper.  When Holly asked Stephanie what she was doing, Stephanie told her to come back after lunch and see.  When Holly returned 30 minutes later, the classroom walls were covered with Halloween decorations that looked like a professional had made.

Soon after, Holly was hired to work with Stephanie to remediate her reading challenges.  On the pivotal night, Stephanie arrived 30 minutes late to the library, and the library closed 30 minutes later.  Stephanie handed Holly a copy of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution and said Holly needed to help her memorize it to read to recite to her class the next day.

Holly hadn’t ever encountered this situation, but in a flash of inspiration told Stephanie she would read a line, and directed Stephanie to draw a picture that would remind her of the words Holly read.  When the librarian announced it was time to leave, Stephanie had barely finished her last picture.  With a sigh, Holly walked Stephanie out to her mom’s car.

Later in the week, Stephanie’s teacher stopped Holly in the hallway and asked if Holly was Stephanie’s tutor.  Holly hesitantly affirmed.  She told Holly that Stephanie was the only student in her class who was able to recite the Preamble verbatim.