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Amazing discoveries…

We want to share a few of our success stories with you. We've compiled five of them below for you to learn more about how we work.


Success Story

Conner and Irlen's Syndrome

Learn about Conner who first met Holly in second grade and has been working with her for nearly three years. While his school was telling us he needed to be held back a grade for the second time, she worked with him and she and saw that bright boy hiding inside. With her diagnosis of Irlen’s Syndrome and her help, Conner is now a different boy. Holly not only inspires him to do his best and to stay with something hard, but she sees his gifted qualities and allows him to flourish.

Success Story

Learn About Stephanie

Stephanie, a 4th grader, couldn’t read.  After a 30-minute session, she was able to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution and was the only student in her class who was able to recite it, verbatim, the next morning.  How was Stephanie gifted, and how was she able to accomplish this amazing feat?



Success Story

From D's to Straight A's

Holly was hired to work with Jennifer, a student who had earned high grades in primary school but was earning D’s in secondary school.  Upon her initial meeting Holly determined Jennifer needed assistance with organizational skills.  Holly worked with her, and within the year, Jennifer was a straight A student.

A decade later Holly talked to Jennifer’s mom and asked about Jennifer.  She said Jennifer was successful at running her own organizational business and said clearly, Holly had something to do with it.

Success Story

Reading Upside Down

Holly occasionally filled in for a special education teacher where one of the fourth-grade students, Vaneesha, never spoke. The class loved playing Around The World with sight words, but Vaneesha always stared at the words silently and smiled.

One day, when it was Vaneesha's turn to play, she instantly said the word when Holly presented it to her. Directly after, the other students shouted that the word was upside down. Holly then turned the deck of cards upside down and Vaneesha was able to read every word.


Jeremiah was trying to test out of high school but failed the math section three times.  In the first session, Holly discovered how he perceived math differently, and after working together for six sessions, Jeremiah scored 50 points above passing and was able to graduate.