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Academic Solutions USA

Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)

Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)

Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)Academic Solutions USA, 501(c)(3)

Why we created Academic Solutions USA

Founder & CEO Holly Armstrong, BAE, Special Ed., MEd., Gifted

While working as a private tutor for over 20 years, I worked in public and private schools as an intervention specialist.  Though my students had academic challenges, I recognized what I thought might be giftedness in other subjects for some students.  I became frustrated, seeing these smart and talented students bored, frustrated, and often, in trouble.  

This motivated me to earn my Master of Curriculum & Instruction, Gifted Education Degree from Arizona State University Online.  My research in this program revealed a tremendous lack of funding for gifted education as well as an underrepresentation of females, most minorities, students with disabilities (twice-exceptional, or 2e), and financially disadvantaged learners.

I couldn't bear the idea of these amazingly gifted students not receiving their critically needed services in school, so I started Academic Solutions USA, currently serving the Coachella Valley in California and the Verde Valley in Arizona.  Now I am earning my Doctor of Philosophy, General Psychology Degree with an emphasis in Cognition and Instruction, so all of my projects are based on sound research.